Overview of Course

This course provides a comprehensive understanding of Abuse of Vulnerable Persons and how to recognise it and how and to whom to report it. It outlines the various types of abuse such as Psychological, Physical, Financial, Sexual, Neglect and Acts of Omission as well as Institutional and Discriminatory Abuse. It provides a clear framework based on the National Safeguarding Policy on how to deal with abuse in the care setting. It describes very clearly the roles and responsibilities of Healthcare Professionals in the area of abuse.

Aims of Course

This course aims to assist you to recognise abuse in all its forms and equips you with the information to support you in responding and reporting it appropriately.

Course Objectives

On completion of this course you will know how to recognise and report abuse according to national and international directives. This is mandatory training for those who work with vulnerable persons.

Target Audience

This Course is suitable for any healthcare professional who works with vulnerable persons in Residential or Day Care Settings.

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