Overview of Course

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the procedure for Inserting a Nasogastric Tube safely and the care and maintenance of the tube thereafter. It outlines the correct procedure for checking accurate placement and the safe administration of fluids and medications through the the Naso Gastric Tube. It outlines the process for securing the tube and for good skin care and explores the possible complications and how to avoid them.

Aims of Course

 The aim of this course is to equip nurses with the knowledge and skills to safely pass a Nasogastric Tube and check its placement for accuracy before administration of fluids or medications..

Course Objectives

 To provide the knowledge and skills to safely insert and care for a Nasogastric Tube and to mantain and care for the tube and the client safely thereafter..

Target Audience

 All nurses and health professionals interested in Nasogastric insertion and care of the tubes whilst insitu.

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