Overview of Course

This course explores the categorisation of patients’ severity of illness with a focus on Community Residential Care Settings. It outlines the steps necessary for early detection of patient /resident deterioration. It emphasises the need for use of a structured communication tool (ISBAR). It promotes awareness of the necessity of early medical review, prompted by specific triggers. It promotes use of a definitive escalation plan based on guidance in The National Adult Sepsis Algorithm and The National Early Warning Score System.

Aims of Course

This education programme is designed to enhance health professionals understanding of patients who are clinically deteriorating and the significance of altered clinical observations thus ensuring that they get the care necessary to treat their condition in their own setting or transfer them to emergency care in the hospital if required.

Course Objectives

 This programme aims to improve communication between healthcare professionals, while adopting a patient centred quality driven approach, and enhancing timely management of of sick patients and decreasing mortality and morbidity.

Target Audience

It is directed at nurses working with older residents in nursing homes and in community residential care settings.

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